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Strategic Practice Advice for the Wandering Lawyer

Thursday, May 05, 2022

05:00 PM - 06:30 PM

The Screening Room

82 State Street, Newburyport, MA, USA

Ever have the experience of walking into a different courthouse from where you typically practice and had that horrible feeling of wondering where to go, what to do, is there a call of the list, and can I touch the judge’s bench when called up for a sidebar? This seminar brings together judges from two different counties to talk about their experiences, their rules and procedures, and how their courtrooms and courthouses run. Interested in cases outside your county but not sure of the protocols? This program features judges and a Judicial Case Manager who share their tips about what you need to know in practicing in their court and inside knowledge from one lawyer who wanders a lot.

Attend and Learn

  • The ins-and outs of the courts (literally) and what cases are heard where? 
  • Which judges are where? 
  • The role of the professionals in the court’s operations
  • Probation’s involvement in the court
  • Submission deadlines to the Court
  • What to do when things break down (the lost file, not on the list scenario)
  • Pretrial expectations 
  • Need to know dates and deadlines 
  • Special procedures for each court 
  • Trial procedures and orders
  • How has the pandemic changed your operations


Hon. Michael D. Anderson, Middlesex County, Lowell

Hon. Frances Giordano, Suffolk County, Boston

Lisa Casey, Assistant Judicial Case Manager, Lowell

Gary Todd, Todd & Weld, Boston

Moderator, Donald L. Pitman, III, Pitman Law Offices, Newburyport

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