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CLE by the Sea: NE Conference for Solos and Small Law Firms

Thursday, July 18, 2024

08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Blue Ocean Event Center

Salisbury Beach, Salisbury, MA, USA

7th Annual CLE by the Sea: NE Conference for Solos & Small Law Firms

        Thursday, July 18, 2024

   Blue Ocean Event Center, Salisbury Beach, MA

Sponsored by The Greater Newburyport Bar Association in partnership with: The MBA, The MSBA, NHBA, Haverhill Bar, MATA, WBA/MA, LCL/MA, & SOS


 8:00-9:00 Registration & Breakfast

 9:00-9:15 Welcome & Introductions

 Gary O. Todd, Todd & Weld, LLC, President, GNBA

 9:15-10:30 Concurrent Workshops

A. How Co-parenting Apps Can Enhance Client Communications and Ensure Success—1.25 ME Credits/75 NHMCLE min. 

Kevin Dorsey, Our Family Wizard

  • What are the online tools judges are ordering parents to use for communicating their shared parenting needs.
  • How to recognize documents that may be presented as evidence in the courtroom
  • Learn how mediators, custody evaluators, and other professionals may work with and assess family needs utilizing these tools.

B. Analytics for Attorneys: How Statistics Can Help You Build a More Efficient Law Practice —1.25 ME Credits/75 NHMCLE min.

Jared Correia, CEO, Red Cave Law Firm Consulting

  • Why Statistical Analysis Is Important
  •  How to Employ Key Performance Indicators in Your Practice
  • Novel Analytic Strategies
  • How to Use Analytics for a Competitive Advantage

C. Ethics Smorgasbord – the 2024 Edition—1.25 ME Ethics Credits/

75 NHMCLE min.

Edward Cheng, Sherin & Lodgen, Boston & Donald L. Pitman lll, The Pitman Law Offices LLC, Newburyport

Current Ethics Topics, including

  • What to Do if Bar Complaint Comes over the Transom
  • Copying Someone Else’s Brief
  • Conflict of Interest Issues Involving Former Clients
  • Handling Clients When Moving to Another Firm
  • Ethics of A.I .Brief Writing

 10:30-10:50 Networking Break

 10:50-12:05 Concurrent Workshops

D. How to Thrive in Federal Court—1.25 ME Credits/75 NHMCLE min.

Honorable Lance E. Walker, Chief Judge, United States District Court, District of Maine; Attorneys John Doonan, and Reneau Longoria, Doonan, Graves and Longoria, Beverly & Jeffrey Loeb, Rich May, Boston

  • Advantages of Being in Federal Court
  • Jurisdiction of the Federal Court and Remand from State Court
  • Expectations of the Federal Court
  • Pitfalls for the Unwary

E. Ethical Issues for GALs and P.C.s—1.25 ME Ethics Credits/75 NHMCLE Min.

Attorneys Judith Cowan, Tony Pelusi, Demetra Pontisakos, MA & Dana Prescott, ME

  • What are the issues for those participating on list serves and/or consultation groups
  • How to participate and maintain confidentiality
  • What do team members supporting a family need to do to respect privilege and confidentiality
  • How to juggle multiple/sequential roles
  • Should you serve as a PC without formal appointment

F. Successfully Starting & Maintaining a Sole Practice—1.25 ME Credits/40 NHMCLE min.

Christine DeBernardis, Family Law, MA & NH & Joseph Waldbaum, Criminal Law

Common issues encountered when starting out or trying to grow a practice, e.g. Advertising; mobile website; unique selling point; Intake phone call/questionnaire; Engagement letter; conflict checks; responsibilities for client funds; Getting reviews & testimonials; virtual offices; marketing; file retention, fees and handling court coverage as a solo.

12:05-1:00 Luncheon, Included

 1:00-2:15 Concurrent Workshops

G. Perspectives in Assessing & Valuing Tort Cases-1.25 ME Credits/

75 NHMCLE Min.

Brianna Sullivan, Kazarosian Costello LLP , Stephen Zolotas, Spada Law Group & Brian R. Jerome, Founder & CEO, Mass. Dispute Resolution Services

  • How to Effectively Use Valuation Tools
  • Troubleshooting Issues in Medical Records
  • How Liability and Facts Impact Case Value
  • Mediator’s Perspective

H. Understanding Business Valuation Reports1.25 ME Credits/

75 NHMCLE Min.

Marc Bello, Managing Director, Willamette & Donald L. Pitman lll,   The Pitman Law Offices, LLC, Newburyport

  • What Should You Expect?  
  • Gain an Understanding of the Key Sections and Necessary Disclosures
  • How to Identify Strengths and Weaknesses in a Report? 
  • How to Deal with Hearsay?  
  • Techniques to Use a Report for a Deposition &/or Trial

I. Building an Ethical and Antifragile Law Firm in a Volatile World: Tips from LCL—1.25 ME Ethics Credits/75 NHMCLE Min.

Luz Carrion, LCL/MA

  • Learn practical tips and techniques for thriving
  • Discover how to be an antifragile lawyer and have an antifragile law firm.
  • Learn how to integrate the Rules of Professional Conduct into the design of your law firm.
  • Find out how technology can enhance an antifragile law firm
  • Understand how an antifragile model and a new mindset could boost your advantage when facing ethical challenges. 

 2:15-2:35 Networking Break

 2:35-3:50 Concurrent Workshops

J. Marijuana Use & Parenting Issues—1.25 ME Credits/75 NHMCLE Min.

Jennifer Lamana, MA & Eileen Quill, MA

  • How the court assesses the appropriateness of use,
  • Resources to demonstrate “overusage"

K. Cybersecurity, Compliance & Useful Software - How to Prevent Losses & Increase Profit—1.25 ME Credits/75 NHMCLE Min.

L. Jedi Mind Tricks for Lawyers: How to Respond to Bullying Behavior in and Out of Court-1.25 H & D ME Credits/75 NHMCLE Min.

Dr. Shawn Healy, LCL/MA & Attorney Maureen Booth, TurcoLegal, MA

  • Identify key wellbeing priorities in order to equip yourself to respond to bullying attempts
  • Change your perspective on a bullying attempt to make it less threatening
  • Understand the goals of a bully and identify ways of increasing your resilience
  • Identify helpful and effective strategies for responding to bullying attempts
  • Identify options for being an effective ally to others who are dealing with bullying attempts

 3:55-5:10 Concurrent Workshops

M. Insight into the Vital Role of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusions in Legal Practice—1.25 ME H & D Credits/75 NHMCLE Min.

Jenese Brownhill, LICSW, Senior Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Justice Resource Institute

  • The significance of diversity in the legal profession and its impact on client representation and outcomes.
  • Strategies for creating an inclusive environment within your practice, including hiring practices, workplace policies, and client interactions.
  • Understanding implicit biases and their effects on decision-making in the legal field.
  • Practical steps for promoting equity and justice in your daily work, particularly in the criminal justice system.
  • Resources and tools for ongoing education and action in the realm of DEI.

N.  Policing the Police: Legal & Practical Implications—1.25 ME Credits/ 75 NHMCLE Min.

Honorable Mary F. McCabe, Newburyport District Court, Attorneys Nicole Reilly, MA & NH and John S. Webb, Webb Law, Portland & Saco, ME

  • Use of Body Cameras
  • Use of Force
  • No-knock Warrants
  • Civilian Oversight

O. 60 Apps in 60 Minutes-1.25 ME Credits/no NHMCLE Min.

Jared D. Correia, CEO Red Cave Law Firm Consulting

In this twist on a popular American Bar Association TECHSHOW staple, you’ll get a list of the best productivity apps in one-minute increments, with a strict time limit. This fast-paced program packs in more information than you can shake a stick at. 

Get faster, work less, make more. Start here. 

5:05- Gourmet Reception for All at Surfside, sponsored by the GNBA


Tuition includes, continental breakfast, lunch, and reception and materials. 

Parking is free in the Blue Ocean Parking Lot

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