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Alimony Landscape after Cavanagh & Openshaw

Thursday, April 18, 2024

04:30 PM - 06:00 PM



The SJC recently decided Openshaw v. Openshaw. The case has been remanded but what is its impact now? It comes on the heels of the Cavanagh case and the lingering confusion that decision created. How do the cases fit together and what do they portend for alimony issues? Will the recent cases have a cumulative effect on alimony?

Join us for an interactive discussion with two of the lawyers involved in the decisions and financial expert Marc Bello.

Expert Faculty

Honorable Barbara M. Hyland, Probate & Family Court

Gary O. Todd, Todd & Weld, Moderator

Marc Bello, Managing Director, Willamette Managing Associates

Ann E. Dargie, Family Law of Western Massachusetts, P.C., East Longmeadow, Counsel in Cavanagh

Jason Owens, Lynch & Owens, PC, Hingham, Counsel in Openshaw

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